How to Keep Your Carpet Cleaner for Longer


You want that long lasting carpet to look great all the time, but you don’t love the work that goes into making that happen. Cleaning your carpet can be a chore and it can sometimes feel like a thankless job that seems like you need to perform over and over again. It’s not a good idea to call in your carpet cleaning company denver every month to clean your carpets, that can be detrimental and possibly damage your pricey floor coverings. But it just gets dirty all over again in such a brief period of time.

The problem isn’t in your cleaning processes, it’s in the amount of dirt and soil that gets in the carpeting between your cleanings. Yes, it’s possible to clean the carpet too much but that doesn’t mean you need to live with a carpet that isn’t sanitary and visually appealing. You don’t need to clean more; you just need to keep less soil from getting into your carpet fibers.

Sounds like a bigger chore than cleaning your carpet over and over, but it’s not. In fact, you can take some very effective steps towards keeping your carpet cleaner for longer. These are easy solutions to a tough problem and whether you live in a home with a large family or you’re expecting family for the holidays, you can be sure the carpet will still look great.


OK look, your vacuum is not going to get up everything all on its own, especially if you haven’t cleaned your carpets in a long time. You just can’t expect your vacuum to take on such a large job. However, breaking it out every week between cleanings can pick up the new soil that gets left behind and prevent it from falling deeper into the fibers and settling in.

So, we’re talking upkeep here and if you are able to eliminate the particles and contaminants that are resting on the surface, you can go a long way towards ensuring your carpet stays cleaner for longer.

Stain Repellents

Many new carpets now come with some form of stain guard or protectant to prevent spills from permanently marring the aesthetic of your carpeting. The fibers are treated with this repellent and it creates a barrier along the surface that seals out any liquids from being absorbed and discoloring them. You can feel a lot more comfortable about a spill knowing you have stain repellent to keep it from doing serious damage.

But not everyone has new carpet installed in their homes, many of us have older carpets that we put in before stain guards became a popular standard feature. For those carpets there are options for having the stain repellent applied separately. Most carpet cleaning services offer this option to their customers as a way of keeping the carpet safe from harm and helping it stay cleaner for longer.

No Shoes in The House

It’s really simple, you implement a “no shoes” policy in your home. Anyone who enters, be it friends or family, must remove their shoes before coming inside. This way you keep all the germs and grime of the outside world from getting trampled into the fibers of your nice, clean carpet.