Iron in Your Homes Water: Different Types, Treatment and Solutions


If you’ve noticed specs of orange or signs of rust around your faucets, you definitely have extremely high levels of iron throughout your water. It’s possible that you could have iron in your water but it mostly appears as extremely tiny flakes or nearly invisible particles. Over time however, these can build up and it can leave rust stains in your fixtures, sink showerhead and more.

High iron in your water will cause your coffee, drinking water and anything else that you would make from your water supply to begin to taste metallic. Even your food that’s cooked in the water will be discolored and it may have a bad flavour. Iron can also leave multiple unsightly stains on fabrics after you clean them.

Fixing iron in your water supply is not something you can do on your own. Installing a low quality water softener may not be enough to remove iron or other contaminants from your water supply. Fixing high iron in your water often requires an official analysis from a water expert that knows the water quality in your region.

If you struggle with low quality, hard water and you would like to improve the water that your family is drinking, you need to turn to highly trustworthy specialists to make sure that you are getting the right equipment for your water filtration needs.

If you would like to learn more about the process of different types of water treatment solutions and how you can remove iron from your home, contact us today to learn more!

This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner and water expert at Eco Water Solutions of Florida. They offer whole home water solutions such as softeners, whole home water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. Their focus is to provide Floridians with safe and clean water throughout the home. Click here for more information!