The Top Three Little-Known Benefits of an Underfloor Heating System You should Know


More property owners are now aware of the real benefits and advantages of in-floor or underfloor heating systems, one of which is the fact that it is a lot more comfortable than traditional heating systems relying on radiators. With only a single unit, you can already have radiant heating for an entire room or space, and the heat generated by underfloor heating is more consistently and evenly spread throughout the room as well. In other words, you don’t have to be concerned about draughty areas or cold spots, and you have the advantage of a system that is also more energy-efficient, helping you reduce your costs on your utility bills. But underfloor heating systems also come with other benefits, and these benefits are not as widely known. If you are keen on underfloor heating systems and figuring out what they can really do for you, here are the top three little-known benefits of an underfloor heating system.

  1. It is cleaner and more hygienic

If you rely on a radiator, which, in turn, relies on convection heating, the floors in your space may well remain damp and cold, and this can be the ideal breeding ground for dust mites. But if your floor is sufficiently heated throughout with underfloor heating, dust mites and various other bugs and insects won’t thrive as the environment is too dry and warm. In certain studies, they have discovered that the installation of radiant heating can actually decrease the dust mite level in a home by as much as 80%. This is definitely a boost to those who have respiratory ailments as they will feel a lot more comfortable and will not have to worry about their conditions becoming worse.

  1. You can use it with most flooring surfaces

Some people have the mistaken impression that underfloor heating is only good with wooden panel flooring or tile flooring, but the truth is that you can install it with whatever kind of flooring system you have as long as you select the right underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating was first seen in hotel bathrooms, and this is probably why many believe that it should only be installed on solid surface floors, such as stone or tile. But this is hardly the case – such a system will work regardless if you have vinyl floors, carpeted floors, engineered wooden floors, laminate floors, and more. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the floor is prepared correctly, and you can do this with the right screeding such as the screeding service provided by The use of liquid screed is ideal since it can easily coat the pipes and allow the heat to be distributed more evenly.

  1. You have more flexibility in terms of temperature

Whilst you can rely on radiators with their own thermostatic valve system, allowing you to control the temperature in each and every room, this system can be unreliable, and the controlling of temperature is often a hit and miss situation instead of an exact science. But if you have a good underfloor heating system with the proper controls, you can easily keep temperatures in each room low or even turn them off whilst keeping your living or operational areas as warm as possible.

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