4 Reasons Why You Should Install Quality Shower Head Filters In Your Bathroom

Bath and Showers

The current water supply is not what it used to be years back. Contaminants in your shower water can interfere with your showering experience or hurt you in the long run. One way to help combat this problem is to install shower head filters in your home. Here are some fundamental reasons you should make sure you have them installed on each faucet in your home.

1.   Protects Your Family From Harmful Chemicals Including Chlorine

Quality showerhead filters can filter out harmful chemicals from your shower water. Hence, showerheads can protect you and your family from the toxic chemicals found in your water, which can cause conditions such as dry skin, eczema, and allergies. Such harmful substances may include;

·        Iron

·        Zinc


·        Mercury


·        Silver


·        Nitrites


·        Selenium


·        Lead

·        Copper


·        Chromium


·        Nitrates ·        Chlorine

·        Manganese

However, not all showerhead filters can remove chlorine from your water. Hence, it’s crucial to know whether the filter you choose can remove the chlorine if your shower water is likely to contain chlorine. However, the Aqua Elegante filter is good at removing chlorine from your water. Elegante filter has a Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or ‘KDF 55’ filter, eliminating many different chemicals, including chlorine, from the water. Installing water filtered shower head is a relatively cheap and straightforward way to guarantee safe and clean showering water.

2.   Helps Reduce Formation Of Scum Which Is Hard To Clean

Showerhead filters help reduce contaminants that can cause hard water spots and soap scum, cutting down on unnecessary cleaning and saving you time and money. Easy to install shower heads attach directly to your water line, saving you the trouble of replacing or refitting plumbing downstream due to clogging as scum builds up with time.

Clogged water lines will reduce water pressure which is unpleasant and irritating. Installing a water filter in the shower can make a practical bathing experience healthier and more enjoyable.

3.   Helps Protect And Maintain A Healthy Skin

Contaminated shower water can compromise the health of your skin and hair. You can install a shower head filter in all types of bathtub faucets to prevent harmful contaminants from entering our skin and hair. Showerhead filters reduce the formation of scum which can easily clog your skin pores. Also, chemicals in unfiltered water may cause skin problems such as dry skin and eczema.

Additionally, these minerals in water can dry out your hair and make it brittle, dulling its once lustrous sheen. Therefore, it’s crucial to install quality showerhead filters to maintain and protect your healthy skin and hair from harmful contaminants in shower water. Some showerhead filters use vitamin C to soften hard water and help eliminate chlorine and enhance skin elasticity leaving a softer feel on your skin.

4.   Showerhead Filters Helps Remove Odors

Showerhead filters provide a solution to offensive odors. Each showerhead filter removes hard-water components and many chemical contaminants that can cause odors on your skin and hair. The filter removes the chemicals as the water passes through a cartridge in the shower filter head.

Installing shower head filters can be a great solution to musty or mildew-smelling water problems. The showerhead filter attaches easily to most existing showerheads, and filters are available for hard or soft water. Showering with an aromatherapy soap or shampoo will lift your spirit and leave you smelling like a flower. Shower filtration is a vital part of maintaining good health.


Showerhead filters are an affordable and easy way to improve water quality in your home. Showerheads are no longer just for rinsing off the day. You can install a water filter directly into it and take the first steps toward making your shower experience better and safer. These can effectively remove chlorine and reduce other contaminants to remove odors and keep your skin and hair healthy. You can contact Shower Meister for valuable information about all your shower installation needs.