Five Major Benefits of Using Industrial Mats

Floor Mats

Mats, although they may not be easily seen among all the equipment and machinery clutter, are one of the most crucial installations in any industrial or commercial environment. Mats can improve worker productivity and workplace safety. Industrial mats are typically classified according to their physical characteristics, which often correspond to the intended use. Important to know that industrial mats can be found in three types: modular tiles, standard mats and linkable mats.

There are many types of industrial mats. However, most of them have the same functional characteristics and offer the same benefits. When choosing industrial mats, it is important to consider your functional requirements before you choose the best mat. You will typically enjoy the following benefits when using an industrial mat.

Anti Fatigue Comfort

Many industrial mats offer anti-fatigue comfort even in cold conditions. Anti-fatigue mats can be electrically heated to provide warmth even in cold weather. The two main types of anti-fatigue industrial mats can be divided according to their location: dry and wet areas. Anti-fatigue mats are made of meshes that allow for moisture drainage. There are many Anti-fatigue mats available in markets like WaterHog Drainable Border Outdoor Mats.

Anti-fatigue mats can also be slip-resistant to prevent accidental falls. They have rough anti-slip surfaces that provide traction. While many anti-fatigue mats have similar properties, some models are designed to be more functional in certain industries.

Safety messages

Special industrial mats can have graphical safety messages printed on them. These mats are known as logo mats and can be used for both aesthetic purposes and practical applications. These mats can have various safety messages inscribed depending on the industry and area where they are installed. Modern safety message mats are highly photogenic and artistic, and communicate safety messages clearly and persuasively through their photos.

Floor Protection

Some industrial mats are made to protect floors in manufacturing environments or other industrial locations from damage by staining, chipping, scratching, and staining. These mats have antimicrobial treatment and traction treads. These mats are made from extremely tough materials, so they can withstand high traffic and harsh production environments.

Others models, such as urinal floormats, are used to reduce odors, staining, and prevent bacterial growth.

Industry-Specific Protect

These mats are designed to protect and provide safety in high-risk production environments. These mats protect against specific workplace hazards and risk. The welding safe mat is one type of industry-specific mat. These mats are specifically designed to protect welders from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical shocks. ESD industrial matting systems include static dissipative and electrically conductive mats.

Grease, Oil- and Chemical-Resistance

Grease, oil, and chemical resistance are common features in nearly all industrial mats. Industrial installations must be chemical, oil, and grease-resistant due to the nature of most industrial operations. This property is also enhanced by many industrial mats. This resistance is achieved by using features such as cell-blended top cushions and vinyl backing, along with drain through holes.

Branding with floor mats

Commercial floor mat can be used to communicate many different messages to visitors. Custom logo mats can be used to communicate branding messages to guests. They can be placed in reception areas, elevator lobbies and entryways. A vibrant logo mat can complement your current marketing efforts and help you convert customers into customers, build brand affinity and generate repeat business.