Platform Bed With Storage Drawers


Are you still clinging on to the traditional bed design? Well, you could be having some sentimental attachment to it, but why not try out something new. There are quite many beautiful bed designs that have bombarded the furniture market, and as such, you can always get something unique for your bedroom.

If you’re planning to let go of your old bed, consider getting a twin-sized mattress platform with storage. You won’t regret buying this bed. It offers more than a sleeping surface. The storage drawers underneath make it a more functional option for anyone seeking storage for some extra clothing pieces.

What’s more? It has a robust structure that speaks more about its durability.

Want to know more about this twin-sized mattress platform with storage? See below.


There isn’t a particular design for this bed. You can always get something that blends with your bedroom’s décor. This platform bed with drawers comes in many different styles made with a variety of woods and fabrics to compliment every theme. The bed is made of durable materials, and as such, you can use it over many generations. If you’d like to adorn your bedroom with some rich colors, you can always choose from the classic colors available.

Compact Size

The main reason why you should buy a platform bed is because of its compact size. Due to its size, this bed occupies a smaller amount of space than most of the traditional beds. If your bedroom is a bit squeezed, a platform bed would be the ideal option for you. However, this doesn’t mean it’s only good for a smaller room. You can still get a platform bed for your master bedroom if you’d like it to look roomier. Again, because of its compact size, the bed can easily be moved for cleaning and maintenance.

Extra Storage

Would you like some extra storage to free your room from clutter? Well, this twin-sized mattress platform with storage would be the ideal choice for you. The storage drawers underneath allow you to keep some extra clothes and shoes in case your wardrobe and shoe rack is packed. Something great about these drawers is their ease of use. You can easily pull them whenever you need that extra pair of shoes or bedding.

High-Quality Materials

Talk about a robust structure and high-quality materials. That’s what describes this platform bed. It’s built from a high-quality hardwood that’s resistant to wear and tear. Again, its structure is well-nit so that the bed is always prepared to hold any weight thrown to it. What’s more? The design of the bed allows for sufficient support of the mattress, which provides maximum comfort for anyone sleeping on it. Buying this platform bed is a lifetime investment and anyone looking for something to carry over a generation, it’s a perfect choice.

With these amazing features, do you still want to keep your traditional bed design? Not at all. Get this platform bed as soon as you can. Also, check out this design of shed house for cars if you’d like to add something unique to your home.