Different Ways To Upgrade Your Deck

Home Improvement

If you’re proud of your home deck, you probably already put a lot of time and maintenance work into it. But even if you’ve trusted Glen Allen Deck Builders to build your deck, you still need to make sure you’re doing the most you can to make your investment work for you. That doesn’t just mean keeping up with routine maintenance. If you’re trying to increase your home’s value, spruce up your outdoor area, or simply make sure you have a deck that you want to spend time in during the warmer months, here are a few things you can do to make your deck the best it can possibly be.

Clean and Stain

No matter how old or damaged your wood deck looks, putting on a fresh coat of wood stain can truly work miracles. While many homeowners assume that damaged or chipped wood needs to be replaced completely, it’s not necessarily so. If you’ve used great quality wood, there’s no need to replace it unless it’s rotting or warped. If your deck was recently built and it’s not looking its best, take the opportunity to do a thorough clean, followed by an application of wood conditioner and wood stain. This is also a great way to give your deck a new, rich color by using a specific stain type. Your stain won’t just help your deck look better, it will protect your wood against fading and other weather damage for longer.

Sun Damage Control

If your deck gets a lot of sun, you have to be aware of what that kind of exposure can do to your wood over time. Even if you’ve gone through the trouble of treating your wood, you can still do more to keep your deck shaded and protected, especially when it’s not in use. If you have a covered structure or a pergola attached, you can drape a linen cloth covering over it to create a cooler, breezier look and feel. If you have an open deck, get creative by installing a few umbrellas to make dining outdoors even more enjoyable.

Storage and Seating

Your deck doesn’t just have to serve a single function. If you play your cards right, you could easily transform your deck from a slat of wood with a few chairs on it into a place for storage, grilling, dining, and more. Installing a seating area that’s also a storage option, such as a combination bench and chest piece, could allow you to take advantage of your cozy outdoor area while gaining storage space.

Create Shade

Even if you love to sunbathe, the key to creating a deck that people will want to spend time on is making sure you have enough shade options. This could mean installing a covered roof or latticed covering or putting in a few shades to make sure you can shut out the sun during warmer weather. If you don’t want your area to be totally closed off, try experimenting with thin, light fabrics to drape over your covered area on warmer days. You’ll be protecting your deck from sun damage and creating a cooler environment for summer hangouts.