How To Clean Up Your Yard And Garden For Spring

Home Improvement

Spring is just around the corner, and if you’ve let your dog run rampant during the colder months, you might assume that you’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes to clean-up. However, if you’re truly invested in home lawn care, one of the best ways to get your yard looking and staying clean is to use DoodyCalls services for dog owners. Before you try to take on the mess of your backyard and garden areas, try giving the professionals a call. After that, here are a few helpful tips you can use to make sure your yard stays as clean as possible during spring and summer.

Supervised Outdoor Visits

Your dog may want to do nothing more than run and play outside without supervision. However, even if you have a huge yard that’s great for pets to play in, you still need to take note of when your pet is using your lawn as a bathroom. This isn’t just helpful for protecting your yard. You should be aware of your pet’s bathroom cycle in general so that you’ll be more able to spot illness or irregularity at the onset. Sticking to supervised outdoor time also helps you make sure that Fido doesn’t spend his time outside digging and ruining the lawn, or depositing waste in the middle of your new garden. Take the extra time to supervise your dog’s outdoor playtime to make cleanup a much easier task.

Use Treated Lawn Care

When your pet is outside, there’s not much you can do to prevent faded spots and dead grass. However, even if you can’t stop your pet from returning to the same spots to pee, you can take better care of your lawn and help prevent the damage from spreading. Many fertilizers and lawn treatments work with enzymes to help fight yellow spots and reduce the acidic content of dog urine. If you don’t want your yard to look patchy and awful, you should definitely think about using a treated fertilizer that’s targeted toward dog owners and pesky yellow spots.

Don’t Slack on Picking Up After Your Pet

The best way to make sure your yard stays clean and fresh is to not let dog droppings get out of control. No pet owner is on top of clean-up all the time. When we’re taking our pets out at night, sometimes it’s easier to let them go out on their own. However, if you don’t pay attention to where your dog is going, you’re likely to be unpleasantly surprised when you wake up to a yard that’s full of dog waste. Don’t let it get to this point: Pick up after your pet as much as you can to prevent disease and a filthy yard.

Keep Your Grass Short

No matter what kind of havoc your pet wreaks on your yard each day, you can take matters into your own hands by making sure your grass stays as healthy as it can be. Mowing the lawn regularly will help you reduce moisture content in your grass, thus helping to decrease the number of yellow spots and brown patches on your lawn.