How to Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Home Improvement

Over recent weeks you may have noticed an increase in wildlife visiting your garden and this isn’t a simple coincidence. Since the world went into lockdown and we all came off the roads, closed down factories and spent more time indoors the world and its wildlife has healed and become much stronger. With more space to enjoy and less disruption, wildlife has started to safely visit more areas than ever before, so now is the perfect time to adapt your garden and create a space that is safe and welcoming for local wildlife.

Introduce a Birdbox

If you don’t currently have a birdbox in your garden, then now is the time to invest in one. Birdboxes are something that birds can identify and take an interest in, especially when positioned near some nutritious birdseed for them to enjoy. Find a quiet spot in your garden for your birdbox and ensure it’s safe for them to visit this area. Once positioned in the right spot, you can do daily checks to see whether the birds are visiting. If you notice that after a few weeks there are no birds visiting, it may be worth repositioning the birdbox to somewhere a little more accessible, just play around until you find something that works. You can find a selection of essential bird care items here to ensure you’re getting the very best for your birds.

Leave the Lawn

Whilst you may want your lawn to look neat and tidy, leaving it to grow longer is really important when it comes to attracting wildlife into your garden. Long grass enables wildflowers to grow attracting butterflies and other insects that will find habitat here. You can keep on top of trimming your lawn and keeping it neat, but by keeping some length you’ll notice an increase in the insects and wildlife that are making the most of your lawn area.

Create a Pond

During lockdown we’ve all had a lot more time on our hands and many people are struggling to know exactly what to do with this time. Now that garden centres are back open, it’s the right time to look at adding a pond to your garden. By creating a pond, you won’t just create a gorgeous new feature for your garden, but you’ll also attract a whole new host of wildlife. Ponds really help to boost the number of wildlife that visits your garden, especially during the summer months. Do your research and find out the right way to add a pond to your garden, invest in the best quality products and get started on your new project!

Hedgehog Awareness

Having hedgehogs visit your garden is always an amazing thing, as not only do they look adorable but it’s so nice to know that you’re helping to keep them healthy and safe. Be aware of potential hedgehog visitors by making small changes to help encourage them in, such as leaving a small gap in the fence, checking piles of leaves before you do any clearing away and so on. You can find a great selection of nutritious hedgehog food here to ensure you’re feeding them the right things to keep them happy. Once they have some food that you leave, you’ll notice that they start to visit the garden more and more, which is a wonderful result!