How To Get Prepared For Your Window Replacement Project

Home Improvement

Before you decide to replace windows in the home, you need to brace yourself for the preparatory process that comes with it. When you have an installation expert from Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors coming to your home, you need to make certain changes and adjustments so the work can be done thoroughly and properly.

Window replacement is a task that can take a few days to finish. The length of time it might require in your home is dependent mainly upon how much work is needed to remove and install all of the windows you want replaced. You’ve done the research, chosen the type of windows you want, and now all that’s left is the installation. But in the days leading up to the installation expert’s arrival, you need to prepare the areas where the work will be performed.

This is done primarily to afford the installer ample access to the rooms in which the windows are located and keep walkways clear. If you do all of this ahead of time, the installation process will go by much smoother. In order to do that, you need to take these precautions first.

Take Down Window Treatments

As you may have guessed, you will need to remove the window coverings that have been put up in front of the windows you intend to replace. This goes for all kinds of treatments including blinds, shades, and anything else that’s hanging on or near the window. Don’t think you can just pull curtains and drapes aside either, they too must come down.

Don’t forget any hardware and accessories either. The installer is going to need total unfettered access to the window and you don’t want them wasting time to remove these things.

Clear the Way

Replacing your windows means you’re going to have workers walking in and out of the room or rooms where the work is being performed. They will be lugging heavy equipment to and fro, you don’t want them dodging and navigating furniture and other objects that could lead to a slip and fall incident.

So clear a wide path, free of any obstructions or other objects, to make it effortless for the installers to move freely about. Take away anything that could hinder their progress or get accidentally damaged.

Pick the Right Time

One thing that many homeowners are concerned about is the loss of climate-controlled air in the home. When the window is being replaced, it’s simply impossible to keep your heated or cooled air from leaving the premises. In order to reduce this lack of efficiency in your energy use, have the work done at a time of year where your use of the HVAC system will be at it’s most minimal.

You may also wish to turn the HVAC system off entirely throughout the installation process, if you think you can live comfortably without operating it. This may be a seasonal determination, one that dictates having your window replacement work performed in the spring or fall months, when the temperatures are changing but they have not reached extreme levels in either direction just yet.