How You Can Effectively Save Space at Home

Home Improvement

Physical space is one of the things we hold most dear, especially in our home lives. Having clean and well-organized surroundings is scientifically proven to boost well-being and productivity. How we use this space is just as important, especially when there isn’t much of it. Here’s a list of handy hacks for saving space at home. Whether you live in a small living space or want to see more space at home, there’s something here for you.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Many multi-purpose furniture is custom-built, but there are also a lot that is ready to use! When scouting for these kinds of furniture items, you’re sure to come across the term “Murphy.” In the construction industry, Murphy items refer to those that often pull out or unfold to save space. For instance, Murphy doors, which are custom-made, are also known as secret doors. They’re usually disguised with a bookshelf facade and serve as doors to another room or storage area. Murphy beds are those that fold into walls to save space when they’re not being used.

There are also Murphy bunk beds where one or both of the beds fold out from the wall. If you don’t need more than one bed, you can also check out a Murphy cabinet bed. When all folded up, it looks just like a normal cabinet. But open the main drawers, and you can pull out a Queen-sized bed with a memory foam mattress. It also has storage drawers for pillows and blankets!

But multi-purpose furniture isn’t just limited to those with the “Murphy” label. A bunk bed with a desk is a sure favorite among students. If you’re low on vertical space, you can also opt for a pull-out double bed. Another great bedroom essential is a full-length mirror that opens up to reveal storage for jewelry and other accessories and personal items.

Embrace minimalism

Minimalism has certainly made a splash in modern interior design. In particular, Nordic interior design is a kind of minimalism that’s been rocking the internet lately. This design philosophy is rooted in the Hygge lifestyle that the Danes and the Swedes live out. Hygge refers to a quality of coziness and comfort that Scandinavians hold dear due to their year-long sweater weather. Nordic interior design is usually marked by thick throw blankets draped over beds and couches, big windows with minimal window treatments to maximize natural light, and warm wood finishes paired with cool steel textures.

Being a form of minimalism, Nordic interior design can take you from season to season with minimal redecoration. The great thing about minimalism is that it looks great with any season because it’s, well, minimal.

The first and most important thing to do when making your interiors minimalist is to declutter. Because decluttering can seem like such a daunting task, experts recommend removing one item from each room every day. This simplifies the often overwhelming task, and you’re guaranteed to see noticeable results within just a few days. Think of it as a new year’s resolution.

You can store the decluttered items in wicker baskets that you can put on your shelves. Wicker will suit the Nordic look as its warm sepia tones will go nicely with wood finishes and clean lines. If you have items you need to clear but don’t want to dispose of permanently, consider taking them to a storage facility or maybe leaving them with a family member who would appreciate them.

Get creative with storage

No matter how small your living space is, there are sure to be wasted spaces that you can utilize. Use floorboards and staircases as storage spaces. Swap bedside tables for bedside shelves. Speaking of shelves, you can use folding display shelves. These function just like Murphy beds because you can fold them into the wall if you do not need them. This also allows you flexibility with your shelves.

Make use of vertical space

Who says you can’t have plants in a small space? Hang your plants overhead or install green walls. Having plants in our surroundings is proven to boost our well-being, so don’t use limited space as an excuse not to be a plant parent. Also known as living walls, these are effective cooling installations that can lower the surrounding air temperature by as much as 4 degrees Celsius, helping you cut back on your AC bills in the summertime.

Regardless of how much available space you have at home, what’s important is how you make use of it. Using furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, decluttering, and using vertical space can lead to more efficient space in your home.