Light Up Your Property with These 4 Landscape Lighting Tips

Home Improvement

There are so many good reasons why you should come up with the right landscape lighting plan. Keeping your home in the dark can bring about all kinds of problems, your property is much more attractive to criminals because of the lack of lighting around the exterior, your family and friends can sustain serious injury from a slip and fall due to poor visibility, and your property’s curb appeal is greatly reduced.

All of these things should be important to you and so it’s just a smart idea to create the best landscape lighting scheme to protect you, your family, and your belongings. But not every homeowner knows how to go about accomplishing such a task. Don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through the four most important landscape lighting tips to keep in mind. There is simply too much at stake to get this wrong.

Go Outside

Look around the exterior of your house. Find the areas where you can really use that illumination along your landscape. This is where you will need to focus on two aspect of the task, the first is finding where you need lighting for safety. Walkways, dark corners, the front stairs, these are all places where you want lights. The second is noticing any features in and around your yard that you can shed some light upon to show them off.

Choosing Your Fixtures

The lights you want come from specific types of fixtures that can best do the job. You want fixtures that will match the overall décor and aesthetic of your exterior but also have the capability to properly illuminate the areas where you plan to place them. Remember, your lights should enhance not take center stage and having the right fixtures in place will help you accomplish that goal.

You should consider the type of bulbs you employ to get the light you need. LED’s are very popular now because they are energy efficient and bright. Consider the environmental impacts on your fixtures as well, be sure you have UL rated options installed so they remain safe around your home in any weather.

Placing Your Lights

The precise positioning of your lights is a challenge because you have so many factors to consider. You can layer lighting by placing them closer to one another but you don’t want to cause overlapping or hot spots in just certain areas while leaving others in the dark. You should also be very careful not to position your lighting so that it shines directly into your neighbor’s windows or yard.

Electricity Concerns

All lighting requires plenty of electrical current in order to work. So, you need to know where your outlets are located and if you have enough power resources to support all of your fixtures. If not, you may need to get a separate transformer, so you don’t overload your home’s electrical system. The Outdoor Lighting Company you choose to install your fixtures can help you determine if your electricity supply is sufficient.