Six ways to enhance your home with double glazing

Home Improvement

Over the last 20 years, massive improvements have been made in the quality of window technology.

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Double glazed windows are made of two panels of glass separated by a space filled with a vacuum or gas. This creates an insulating effect, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Upgrading your windows to double glazing can have a range of benefits, from keeping your home warm to improving the general aesthetics.

If you are thinking it is time for an upgrade, consider double-glazed windows in Dublin to give your home the TLC it deserves.

Heat loss through windows accounts for 25 to 30 per cent of residential energy use. This means that if you have inefficient windows, you probably have expensive bills!

Double glazing improves efficiency by trapping passive heat between the panes, reducing heat transfers and loss. Improved sealing systems also keep draughts out.

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Securing your home is essential for peace of mind. Keeping doors and windows locked and alarms fitted maintains safety, but did you know that installing double glazing can also improve security?

The strength and robust design of double glazing, in addition to tighter seals and hi-tech locking systems, ensures nobody gets through without your permission.

We have all laid awake at night listening to traffic or lamenting our neighbours. Double glazing reduces noise levels, as the vacuum alters the sound waves and prevents much of the noise getting through.

Condensation occurs when warm air collides with cold glass, causing water droplets to form. This leaves the windows looking dull and stained.

The insulating layer in double glazing means there is no difference in temperature between the air and the glass, reducing condensation.

When considering upgrading windows Dublin weather should be considered. The wet and windy climate can wreak havoc on wooden windows, causing rotting or warping and peeling vinyl.

Over time, seals wear and become less effective, generally making your home look tired and unloved. Upgrading windows rarely requires planning permission and can bring a much-needed upgrade to the aesthetics of your home, instantly bringing a tired building into the 21st century.

Efficiently designed double glazing can a long time if installed properly, keeping your home warm and secure for up to 20 years!