Types Of Paintings: Three Different Varieties And Ways

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Paintings tend to be some of the most creative interpretation of thoughts as well as expressions of the various aspects and situations occurring in the surroundings. It is the perfect example of the application of different types of colors and paints on a solid base.

The art of painting can either be solid or naturalistic and there is dissimilarity in the two types of paintings. Painting styles has always been reflected on various mediums such as clay, leaf, paper, canvas, wood, glass, walls and others. Below are three types of painting styles that has been adopted by people over the centuries.

  1. Oil painting – The oil that is used in an oil painting consists of a drying of oil which is used as a binder when it comes to the pigment. The drying oils are walnut oil, linseed oil, poppy oil and others. It is due to the oily part which makes the process quite messy and difficult.

However, this type of a painting makes up for its beauty and has a shiny effect with a smooth texture. It first originated in India and China but got recognition only after other countries started adopting it. In modern times, this type of painting is one of the most popular and artists usually prefer this for its longevity.

  1. Acrylic painting – This is a type of painting where the paints used are quite interesting. The acrylic paints usually consist of pigments in acrylic polymer emulsion. The pigments used in the paints are water soluble, thus water is used while painting. these can also be purchased from the online shops  like Canvas factory .

One amazing fact is when the painting was finished, it turns out to be water resistant. It is because of this characteristic, acrylic paints are loved by most of the painters and it also dries faster. This drying time taken by this type of painting makes it different from oil paints and others like water colors.

  1. Water color painting – In this type of painting method, the paints are applied to the base with the help of water and are also used in mediums like wood, leather, canvas, etc. The strokes of color are applied using different sizes of brushes. It has a long tradition which is popular throughout the ages. Another name for watercolor painting is brush painting.

Other popular forms of paintings are ink wash painting, pastel color painting, glass painting, frescoes, etc. Fresco is an interesting way to paint where the main medium is a wall or walls of a room or a whole building including the ceilings. These types of paintings can either look realistic or abstract. It is best left to the imagination of the artist to deliver what they imagine or envision.