Construction In Focus : Kubota Heavy Equipment

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In the world of the heavy equipment manufacturers, the Kubota brand is certainly the most recognizable brand names. It was established in 1890 in Osaka, Japan which has grown to become a global leader in both the agricultural range and also the construction industry due to their quick solutions towards that cater market demands effectively. Kubota has definitely made it to be a point that whatever equipment carries their brand name – it must be reliable, versatile and low maintenance which are critical elements when it comes to heavy equipment which cannot be taken for granted.

The most popular product that makes Kubota such an easily recognisable name is attributed to their excavators that come in various size, shapes, and capability. As a matter of fact, Kubota excavators are given credit for the establishment of niche excavator rent / excavator hire markets that offers the entire range of Kubota excavators. Among the reasons as to why Kubota excavators have become immensely popular is due to the excavator’s user-friendly design, practical application and robustness when compared to other brands.

However, the journey towards the current market position Kubota holds has not been a smooth ride as they did have to face off other reputable competitors such as CAT and CATERPILLAR, nevertheless Kubota’s diligent and constant improvements on the practicality of their machines that took satisfaction and safety of the operators as their main priorities delivered the brand to their current market leadership position.

As an example, let’s look at the Kubota U35 which only recently rolled into the market spotlight, it is in fact from every aspect a medium class excavator but it offers the same amount of space that only standard 5 tonne excavators from other manufacturers offer.

The beauty of it is that Kubota engineers managed to pull this off without compromising or sacrificing any other features. In retrospect the unit has been injected with much more features compared to their previous models. This same strategic market approach may be observed in the brand’s compact versions such as the rising KX040-4 mini excavator or the K008-3.

Believe it or not, these come with adjustable tracks that can be narrowed down to the extent that they are able to fit through nicely through a standard door. It is generally accepted by heavy industry heavy weights that it is due to such innovative ideas that Kubota injected in their excavators, and also into most of their other products that gave Kubota the competitive advantage to lead over their competitors.

The company’s thorough approach to market sensitivity and ability to address issues with practical solution is what enabled Kubota to achieve the current market position. Kubota machines have proven track records that are mainly associated with minimal downtime due to breakdowns. Every action taken is not random as each tweak was actually based on feedback from customers.

Kubota engineers, did not settle for second best and went all out in a battle against frequent breakdowns and won as Kubota machines are capable of operating under extreme pressure without buckling.