Different Vinyl Siding Styles Available

Home Security

If you have made the decision to install vinyl siding on your house, congratulations. You are taking important steps towards beautifying and protecting the exterior of the home. The choice of vinyl is also smart on your part because there is a multitude of available options to choose from and, best of all, this is a material that is very easy to maintain.

In fact, it is so simple to care for that it’s nearly maintenance free. You won’t need to concern yourself with things like painting and staining or worrying about rotten wood. Vinyl is a material that practically takes care of itself. You don’t even need to clean it on a regular basis. That’s something you’ll need to do every once in awhile. Don’t worry about repairs either, if one section comes loose, you just replace it.

Now that you’ve decided to go with vinyl siding durham nc, you’ll need to decide on the style you wish to select. Good thing there are so many styles available. Here are just a few of the more popular alternatives:

Vertical siding

This is among the more common options and it’s a great choice if you are particularly interested in highlighting a certain region of the exterior or just lend the entire house a modern and contemporary aesthetic. If you are choosing it for its ability to work as an accent feature, you can apply vertical siding to areas like porch walls and entry areas, as well as gables and dormers.

But even though most vertical siding is utilized as a means for adding that modern appearance, it can also be applied for the purposes of portraying a rustic visual aesthetic, such as what you might find on the side of a barn.

Dutch Lap siding

It also goes by names like Horizontal Lap and Clapboard siding and you can identify it almost immediately by appearance. This type of siding is constructed of long, identical sized planks. The “lap” part refers to the way this siding is ultimately installed.

When the planks are put up, they are positioned in an overlapping structure. They are applied starting from the bottom of house and going upwards from there. The edges of the siding overlap at the bottom and this is done so as to seal the home from any water and moisture permeating the exterior and causing any major damage.

That overlapping aesthetic allows for the water to trickle down and be guided away from the home.

Board and Batten siding

Converse to Dutch lap in almost every possible, the Board and Batten style is installed in a vertical aesthetic with the segments of siding being placed in a variety of widths. The very name of the style explains how it works, as the Board part is applied in much the same fashion as you would expect other styles to be installed.

The difference is found in the Batten part which is made up of a thin strip of vinyl that is placed in between the boards so as to display some level of separation. This is done to contribute a layer of dimension to the siding.