How to Create a Retro Kitchen

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Purchasing a new home is an exciting time and once you have received the keys from the Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham way, such as that has been dealing with the property purchase, you can start to move all of your items in.

In the build up to moving day you can spend some time planning the decoration of your new home and why not take a look at a retro style kitchen? When we think of retro, our thoughts go back to days gone by and styles that went with that era. Therefore, if you are planning on creating a retro kitchen, all you need is a pin board of ideas that you like from the past. Mix and match vintage with 80’s chic or go bold with the oranges and browns of the 70’s. Here we show you how to put together a retro kitchen style that you will love!

Creating this style of kitchen is fun and inspirational, putting together difference retro gadgets and mixing them with colours and patterns of old. Think about the old drinks trolley that used to be popular in the 70s – well it probably wouldn’t surprise you that according to the Daily Telegraph, these are making a comeback! Reports have suggested that sales of these useful accessories are up by 220%, particularly as many of us are entertaining more at home.

So, what are the key areas to consider when creating a retro kitchen?


One of the key factors in a vintage inspired kitchen will be colours. Retro kitchens have pastels but also bold colours. This is the base to your kitchen: get this right and everything else will fall into place. This is where you can really get imaginative by going bold and mixing black and white – a real statement. You can also mix red with black too. If you prefer the pastels, go for pink and grey, a lovely mixture of colour that blends rather than stands out. You can also use yellow with greens and aquas too. Be brave, but remember you must live with it!


Flooring in your retro kitchen can be tiles, vinyls or even rubber. Cork floors were particularly popular and have made a comeback. Cork is a natural product which has the benefit of being warm underfoot as well as comfortable to walk on and quiet too. Nowadays cork flooring is protected, making them easy to clean and low maintenance.

Finally, don’t forget appliances, lighting and accessories, these all complete the retro look kitchen for a timeless classic in your home.