Maximize Your Energy Efficiency with New Windows

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Choosing replacement windows can bring about many benefits for your home. Perhaps the most important reason for many homeowners is to improve their energy efficiency. No one likes to pay more for the things they need and that is particularly true with utility costs. When your windows are allowing your expensive climate-controlled air to just seep right out of your home you’re forced to run your HVAC system for a whole lot longer than would normally be necessary.

That’s not only costing you an arm and a leg in electricity bills, but it could put your HVAC system at risk for elevated rates of wear and tear. Running your air conditioner or heater for longer than normal could have you paying repair or replacement costs quicker than you expected.

So, the solution for these problems could be new windows. But what are the best ways to maximize your energy efficiency with windows Glen Allen? There are a lot of choices out there, all of them boasting about the benefits of their many different features. That can make things confusing, so let’s add a little clarity to the subject by reviewing what you should consider as you shop for new windows with the intention of gaining greater energy efficiency.

Multiple Panes

You’re going to find fewer homes with single pane windows anymore. These days, homeowners are buying double or triple pane alternative because they increase energy efficiency by preventing heat from seeping out through just the one pane. Glass is lousy at insulating your home so the more panes you stack together, the harder it is for heat to escape. These windows are manufactured with inert gases installed in between the panes, adding another layer of insulation.

Argon Gas

One of the more popular options where that gas is concerned is argon. Installing multiple pane windows that use argon are highly effective at keeping the indoor air from getting out and the outdoor air from getting in. This is a non-toxic gas that is safe for use in the home and very useful for increasing the energy efficiency of the windows in your home.

Foam Injection

More window makers are also turning to insulating foam injected into the frames and sashes of the window to bring down thermal conduction and create a barrier against the loss of air. You will never see the foam for yourself as it is installed inside the structure of the window frame, but you will definitely know it’s there when you notice the drop in your utility bills.

Energy Star Certification

As you shop around for the best window for the best price, be mindful of the Energy Star certification that the window has received. These certifications are intended to address the energy efficiency of the many different windows on the market. A rating is given under various factors, from heat transfer rates to insulation capabilities.

If you are well and truly concerned about the energy efficiency of your new windows, these ratings should not be ignored.