When Is It Time To Replace A Wood Fence?

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When you’re installing a fence, the last thing you’re worried about is having to replace it. But even though wood is a strong and durable material, it can begin to degrade over time, no matter how well protected it may be from the elements.

As the years go by, wood can be vulnerable to a variety of impacts such as sun fading, water damage, termites and other infestations, and simple, everyday wear and tear. When you start to detect that your fence is showing any of these signs of disrepair it could be time to fix it up or replace it entirely. That’s not the best choice of options, I realize, since one is likely going to be far less expensive than the other.

Costs vs. Risk

After all, repairing the fence means keeping the one you already installed and that will mean less cash out of your pocket. For most homeowners, the financial ramifications are often the prevailing factor that dictate how to handle a situation such as this. But while saving money is important so is having a fence that you know will continue serving the purpose for which it was built and without being an eyesore so as to impact the curb appeal of the home.

Cost is one component but it should never be the main determining factor as to whether or not it is time to replace your wood fence. Sure, we all would rather repair our fence than replace simply because of the money involved; however, you could be taking risks that simply aren’t worth it.

There’s a reason you put up that fence in the first place, if the fence is no longer able to function properly, then you may need to call the company that did your fencing installation in Richmond and have them give you an estimate for a replacement.

Making the Decision

So your fence just doesn’t look the way it used to. Maybe it has some definite incongruities that weren’t there when you first had it put up. Perhaps you’re not enamored with it as much as you once were, that’s okay, it’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

But when it comes down to having it repaired or having it replaced, the choice is often a lot easier to make than you think, even if it means having to face facts about your situation. Some homeowners know they need their fence replaced but they will try to make repairs that might give it a little extra life for a short span of time. Why spend more money than need be?

Get the work done right the first time and you’ll actually save money. No sense in paying for short-lived repairs on top of spending more money to get the fence replaced. Getting the fence repaired is for things like having it repainted or fixing a broken post or some other element that’s showing signs of slight damage.

Replacing the fence outright is for situations where the fence is showing major signs of disrepair and it requires costly and complex work to restore its appearance and functionality. The other major decision for replacement comes when the homeowner doesn’t like the way it looks anymore. Maybe the style is outdated or no longer matches the home after a major improvement job.