Should My Air Conditioner Run All The Time?

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This is a common occurrence that takes place with many central air conditioning systems. The heat is relentless outside and your HVAC system continues to run all the time. While this may seem to be a major problem at first glance, it’s not something you necessarily need to be alarmed by…unless there are additional underlining issues connected to this non-stop operation of the unit.

Why It’s Probably Okay

You’ve likely read some articles that talk about how operating your air conditioning system for lengthy periods of time can significantly increase your energy bills. That’s true to some extent, however, a continuous operation of your air conditioning could actually be beneficial.

If your cleveland hvac system is running all the time, that means the system is turning itself on and off with less frequency. Such a thing is normal and it can tax the system a lot less in the long run. When the HVAC system is constantly starting and stopping, that can increase the amount of wear and tear and cause it to break down sooner.

So your air conditioner running non-stop could be a good thing. But in the event you’re still worried about the issue, consider the level of functionality that you’re system is putting out. In other words, the interior temperature of your home remains comfortable during the summer. It achieves the thermostat temperature on days when you really need the AC to flow and there are no obstructions in the vents.

If these two things are taking place, then you should be okay. As for the energy costs, if you find they are remaining pretty much the same as they were the previous year and the air conditioner is running all the time, then you’re not spending anymore this summer than the last. Everything there appears copacetic and you shouldn’t worry about an increase in your utility bills.

Why There May Be a Problem

Not every instance when an air conditioner is running non-stop is a worry-free situation. In some cases, there could be a very serious problem with your air conditioning system. Some symptoms could be a sign that something is wrong, such as if your air conditioner is literally running 24 hours a day.

If there is never one moment where it switches on and off and just continues to run constantly, that’s a sign of an issue. Another concern is if, during all that operation time, the home never reaches the temperature you want indoors. If the AC is always on and it’s never cool enough, you’ve got a problem you need to deal with.

The first way to determine what that problem may be is to investigate and diagnose the issue. There are a number of potential culprits from an undersized air conditioner working to cool a home that is simply too large for it to an obstruction in the duct network or vent, preventing the proper disbursement of airflow.

You may also be dealing with a dirty evaporator or coil which could be the source of your issues or you’re just low on refrigerant. You may also suffer similar issues when you try to keep your home warm in the wintertime.