Buyer’s Guide for Best Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen sink by a window with a view over the sea and mountains with green cress growing

The best in top-notch hardware and rugged finishes have made corroded, leaky, and leaking faucets a thing of the past whether you’re remodeling or updating your kitchen. Many faucets often come with extended warranties that mask flaws and also finishes (for the initial buyer).

Faucets have become so consistent, we find few variations between brands in results. That’s why we no longer score faucets, but now reflect on the advantages and drawbacks of faucet finishes and features so that, no matter your budget, you can pick a great faucet.


Number of holes: If you want a new faucet for an existing kitchen, the first step is to decide how many holes in your sink or countertop you have open. There are between 1 and 5 openings in most current kitchens. Bear in mind the number of holes the faucet itself would take when picking your faucet, plus additional accessories such as soap dispensers, air gaps, etc. Most faucets either have or have an extra deckplate available; this is a decorative metal plate on which the faucet rests that can be used to cover additional sink holes. For eg, a deckplate would be used to cover the two additional holes if you already have a 3-hole faucet and choose to update it with a single hole faucet. You can pick a sink with the correct number of holes whether your project is new construction or a complete kitchen remodel, or the countertop maker can cut the appropriate number of holes to match the preferred faucet.

Categories for Kitchen Faucet:

Kitchen Faucets with Pull-Out Spray

The pinnacle in versatility is Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucets, where the faucet head slides out of the body, and with the click of a switch, water flow patterns can be changed from stream to spray. This offers versatility and removes the need for an accessory for side spray. You can easily clean the perimeter of the sink with this design, switch quickly from one object to the next within the sink, or even fill a vessel next to the sink. Depending on the handle configuration, this style usually uses one or two openings, providing a clean look for a highly practical nature.

Single Manage Faucets for Kitchens

Single Handle Kitchen Faucets have a sleek look and with one hand make simple changes of water flow and temperature. Generally, single handle faucets meet with the provisions of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Depending on the configuration, this feature requires one or two holes. With optional side sprays, most versions are available.

Kitchen’s Two Accommodate Faucets

Two Manage Kitchen Faucets include correct change of temperature and water flow, with different hot and cold sensors, using three or more sink or countertop holes. If you’re building a traditional or period-style kitchen, this is a fantastic style to consider. Most of the two handle faucets with optional side sprays are available.

Faucets for the Wall Mount Kitchen

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets, where the faucet and controls mount to the wall above the sink, have a distinctive look that requires no deck gaps. Wall mounted faucets require water supplies above the sink in the wall instead of supplies at the level of the countertop. For this purpose, because the supplies are already above the countertop in the wall, this choice is better for new construction or a full kitchen remodel in which the necessary water supplies will be handled by a plumber. This design frequently lends itself to an antique kitchen theme, but there are also beautiful new versions produced by manufacturers.


Faucets for Water Filtration

If you are interested in freshly filtered water right outside your sink, water filtration faucets are a perfect addition to every kitchen. Water filtration faucets are normally for cold water, and mostly include a single hole, but there are versions available that act as both a normal kitchen faucet and have a special filtered water dispensing lever. For a fraction of the expense and without the waste of bottled water, either type would easily have tasty filtered water straight from the sink. To allow complete synchronization with the rest of the kitchen, water filtration faucets are available in the same types and finishes as normal kitchen faucets.

Faucets for Bar

Bar Faucets look pretty much like smaller kitchen faucets and are meant for use on sinks for bar / prep and hot and cold water dispensing. These faucets come in a range of types and models that use between one and three holes, a perfect addition to any kitchen or bar area. They are also “matched” to the same specification as the larger kitchen sink faucet when used in a kitchen application.

Kitchen Faucets with Pot Filler

“For an avid chef, Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets are a” must have. This cold water faucet, next to a cooktop / range, is mounted on the wall behind or on the countertop. It is used directly on the cooking surface to fill a pot to prevent transporting a large pot from the sink to the burner. To enter the pot, the faucet neck swivels or articulates and then folds back to stay out of the way while not in service. This faucet is available in a wide variety of styles, including single or dual handles and long or gooseneck swivel spouts.

Faucets Touch and Touchless

With features such as contact or even touchless faucets, modern technology is making a splash within the kitchen faucet industry. You may use a finger, palm or even wrist with a contact faucet to gently touch the body of the faucet to turn the water on to a predetermined temperature. A sensor situated on the faucet body merely has to be triggered with motion and the water can turn on. Touchless faucets are identical. When your hands are busy or dirty, these features are particularly useful, as they can help avoid the spread of bacteria.

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