How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home And Yard

Pest Control

The summer brings all kinds of fun and excitement. Outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and later sunsets. But there’s one thing that can ruin all three of those summer staples: mosquitoes. No one wants them around and getting bitten is hardly anyone’s idea of a good time.

That’s why it’s important that you control mosquitoes before they get out of hand around your home and yard. Those little buzzing pests can be determined to get around you and your family if they think they’ve got a shot at having you for lunch.

Being bitten is no picnic either. Those little red welts aren’t very attractive on your skin and they can itch like crazy. Not to mention the more pressing concern of mosquitoes spreading certain illnesses that can pose serious potential health risks.

So as summer looms on the horizon, the time is now to take the necessary precautions for protecting your home and yard from the mosquito scourge.

Remove Standing Water

This is imperative as mosquitoes seek out areas of still and standing water as breeding grounds to lay their eggs and hatch more of their kind. You may have some standing water around your home and not even realize it. Well, guess what? That’s probably where most of your mosquito problem is originating from at the moment.

Take a long walk and assess your home for containers that may be located in your yard, behind the house, even inside a shed or garage. You may find water in flower pots, saucers, tiny bowls, and kiddie pools, innocuous things that are causing your mosquito outbreak to flourish.

Spill these things out immediately as this will go a long way towards eliminating the possibility of more mosquitoes hatching and coming after you and your family.

Using a Mosquito Dunk

Sometimes you may find some standing water near your home that you cannot drain. Whether it’s a local pond or a stone birdbath, you may not have the ability to remove the water from these areas and that can put you at a disadvantage in fighting back against the rise in mosquitoes.

For these situations, you can use a mosquito dunk. This is basically a poison pill that you drop into the standing water that you are unable to eliminate and that will destroy all of the eggs that have been hatched in the water. But don’t worry about harming any other wildlife that may live or drink from that water. A mosquito dunk is formulated only to kill mosquitoes and nothing else.

Professional Help

When all else fails, you need to call in the big guns when mosquito control becomes too overwhelming and you’re losing the fight. If this sounds familiar and your home is inundated with mosquitoes, it’s time to call a mosquito and tick control company in Denton TX. They have the right equipment and solutions for wiping out those pests once and for all, leaving you and your family safe from harm for all of the summer months ahead.