Can You Clear Blocked Domestic Pipes Without a Professional?


If your sink isn’t draining, your boiler won’t start or your toilet won’t flush, the chances are there’s a blocked pipe involved. The good news is you don’t always have to call a plumber or heating engineer to sort out the problem – a little DIY can go a long way to getting everything back to normal.

Unblock Your Sink

Grease in the trap, hairs down the plug hole – there are plenty of reasons why your sink or bath isn’t draining properly. But before you call the plumber, try the following quick fixes:

– Try a plunger: you’ll need to partially fill the sink or bath and then block up the overflow. Now plunge vigorously and the suction should help shift the blockage.

– Try a household remedy: before you resort to using a harsh chemical unblocker, pour down a cup of bicarbonate of soda followed by a cup of vinegar. Let it agitate for an hour, then pour a kettleful of boiling water down the sink.

– Unscrew the trap: place a bucket under the U-bend and then carefully unscrew and remove any debris before replacing. If this doesn’t work, use a drain rod to move the blockage

Check Your Condensate Pipe

If you’ve switched on your boiler and nothing’s happened but a gurgling sound, the chances are the condensate pipe has become blocked. In the winter this is often the result of the pipe becoming frozen, which is an easy DIY fix using a kettle or hot water bottle.

If the problem occurs at any other time of year, then check for a blockage like leaves or moss. If your boiler still isn’t working properly, it could be time to call a heating engineer – if you’re in Gloucester boiler service from a quality company like should fix the problem.

Clear Your Blocked Toilet

There’s nothing more frustrating than a blocked toilet, but it can be fixed quite easily if you follow these steps:

– Pour boiling water from a height into the toilet bowl to shift the blockage.
– Use a plunger over the outlet and pump up and down to clear the blockage.
– Use a special toilet drain rod that fits around the U-bend. Always wear gloves and follow the instructions carefully for best results.

If nothing works, call a plumber.