The Best Things About Duct Temperature Sensors


The control of a boiler or a heat pump by an outdoor sensor, associated with an intelligent programmable room control system, represents the highest current degree of control of the room temperature of the living quarters or offices. The advantages are numerous! It is therefore the system to adopt to optimize its installation and its thermal comfort, with a regulation by heating curve which establishes, for each degree of outside temperature, the temperature of the heating fluid capable of maintaining a given inside temperature.

  • Bills reduced between 10 and 25%: optimization of boiler efficiency, reduction of boiler on / off cycles, precise and constant match between needs and the supply of calories (neither too much nor too little), reduction in polluting emissions, a reduction in energy losses;
  • Improvement in heating comfort: progressive and gentle heating, permanent temperature stability, smoothing of sudden climatic variations, reduction of parasitic noises such as the expansion of the metal;
  • Compatibility with the most sophisticated regulations and programmers;
  • Perfect adaptation to complex installations and home automation applications;

Thermal management of large-area homes or on several levels.

The outdoor sensor allows energy savings

With temperature probe regulation, you can keep or change your boiler, ensuring better comfort and energy savings of around 10 to 25%. Regulation by temperature probe determines a water temperature coordinated with the outside temperature, which avoids over-sizing or discomfort, in particular due to “on / off” operation with a simple room thermostat.

An interior temperature adapted to the climate

The Duct Temperature Sensors measure the outside temperature and modulates the temperature of the water in your radiators or your underfloor heating, by acting on the burner or the mixing valve of the installation. Thanks to the blackhawk supply sensors and its regulator, this system allows you to adapt the heating and permanently maintain the thermal comfort of your home.